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What is the difference between an Optometrist and an Ophthalmologist?

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An optometrist is a Doctor of Optometry who specializes in the eye. An optometrist examines patients for eyeglasses, contact lenses and diagnoses, and treats and manages eye diseases and any other disorder affecting vision. An optometrist prescribes glasses and fits contact lenses, manages and treats conjunctivitis, allergies, dry eye, glaucoma and much more. An optometrist can diagnose many eye diseases, but optometrists do not perform eye surgery. An ophthalmologist is a Medical Doctor who specializes in the eye, diagnosing, treating and managing eye diseases. Ophthalmologists perform eye surgery including cataracts, LASIK, glaucoma and retinal detachments. Optometrists and ophthalmologist work together taking care of a patient and referring back and forth as needed.